How Dr. J. Murray Hockings in Helping Reverse Type 2 Diabetes – POR Q&A with Dr. J. Murray Hockings

How Dr. J. Murray Hockings in Helping Reverse Type 2 Diabetes – POR Q&A with Dr. J. Murray Hockings

  • Why did you start Help Your Diabetes?


    When I was 19 years old, my favorite aunt died from complications of diabetes. She was only 34, leaving behind two young adopted children to be raised without their mother. Her tragic passing at such a young age was devastating to our whole family, but it was especially hard on my mother.


    In the U.S. and other countries, the general public seem to have a sort of apathetic attitude towards this disease. But I see diabetes for the deadly disease it really is. I know first-hand the pain and suffering this disease wreaks on its victims. And its victims aren’t just the patients, their family suffers deeply as well. I started Help Your Diabetes to help families avoid having to go through what my family went through.



  • What evidence do you have from your own experience to support that diabetes can actually be reversed?


I’ve been doing this for over 24 years and been traveling around the world for 5 years, helping as many patients as possible reverse this disease. I’ve helped literally thousands of patients go through my program from all over the world. I have thousands of lab results proving that patients who complete our 2-6 month program are indeed clinically non-diabetic by the time they’re done. In fact, the results are often quite dramatic even before their program is over. I’ve had patients get their A1C’s to normal levels and get off their medications in just a few weeks.


And I’m not the only one. Since we’ve started our Physician’s Licensing Program, we now have dozens of physicians around the U.S. who are all reporting similar results with their patients. Not to mention there is an abundance of medical literature supporting the fact that Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed with proper lifestyle changes.


  • What is your measure of success with a patient?


    I measure success one way – when a patient has reached the point where they do not require medication to keep their blood sugar and A1C levels normal. At this point, they are considered clinically non-diabetic.




  • What's the most challenging aspect of your program for new patients? How do you help them get past these hurdles?


                The new way of eating is most difficult for most patients to adjust to. There are many things they must stop eating and drinking to achieve results. This is a major adjustment, because up until now they’ve been told they can have these things in limited amounts. We help them get past these hurdles by helping them see that these are the very things that are causing the problem!




  • How does the Help Your Diabetes Physician's Licensing Program work?



    We setup physician’s offices with everything they need to successfully run a Help Your Diabetes program inside their clinics. We provide all the training for the staff, the physician and the patients to get you up and running and being successful as soon as possible. It’s a turn-key program. You get everything it’s taken me over 20 years to develop.


    The program offers and excellent income opportunity. Patients will gladly pay cash out of pocket for a program with such an excellent track record of life-saving results. We have physicians earning $25,000-$50,000 in net profit every month from this program.



  • What type of training do you offer for the staff?


    We provide your staff comprehensive training for all facets of the program so you’re fully prepared to help your patients get fantastic results. One of our staff goes to your office to do a 3 hour on site training for you and your staff. You also get our comprehensive Training Manual, Marketing Materials and all necessary forms needed to successfully run this program.



  • What types of materials do you have available for the patients?


    Patients get Exclusive Membership in the online Help Your Diabetes program, access to the Members-Only Online Forum to share recipes, ask questions and share success stories, 20 Weeks Of Weekly Meal Plans, Over 200 Recipes, 20 Weeks Of Training Videos, List of Foods To Enjoy Or Avoid, Shopping List, Monthly Newsletter, plus a Monthly Training Call with me.



  • How long does it take to get up and running?


    Our goal is to have you up and running seeing patients and making money in as little as 3-4 weeks from when you join our program.


  • How do physicians get their existing patients and/or new patients interested in the program?


    As a licensee, you get to take advantage of an Advertising campaign featuring Emmy and Golden Globe-Nominated Actor Corbin Bernsen, our Help Your Diabetes® celebrity spokesperson. Plus, you also get a Custom Diabetes Website for your office including search engine optimization to position your office as the experts in reversing diabetes naturally in your area. We also provide proven ads you can run in your local paper, magazines, and online that are guaranteed to attract your target audience. You get all of the marketing materials I’ve developed over 20 years to build my own practice to over $100,000/month in net profit.



  • How does this help physicians grow their practice?


    Because our physicians are the only ones in each market offering a proven way to reverse Type 2 Diabetes, it attracts an abundance of new patients that are fed up with taking a never ending cocktail of medications, which is a powerful way to grow your practice with cash paying patients.



  • Why is the Physician's Licensing Program Area-Exclusive?


    It’s our job to give our licensees every advantage possible to ensure their success, so we give our physician clients and exclusive territory, so there’s no need for them to worry about competition. Even better, the territory we give them is HUGE. A territory is equal to the entire area your largest daily newspaper covers. So, for instance - in Wichita, Kansas there would only by one doctor for 400,000 people. To put that into perspective, with a McDonald’s franchise you may only get a small territory of about 15,000 people!



  • Could you share some success stories of physicians who have introduced this program into their practices?


    One of our physicians, Dr. Charles Timson MD from Huntington, NY netted over $33,000 in his first 5 weeks. He’s tracked amazing lab results, plus his patients are reporting improved energy, no hunger, decreased neuropathy pain, and markedly improved sugars. Another licensee, Dr. Brian Lamkin, D.O. from Oklahoma City, OK is consistently earning around $20,000 per month and reports that his patients all really love the program and are having tremendous success.



  • How many markets are you in now? What are your goals for expansion in 2016?


    We are currently in 35 markets, and we’re on track to be in 300 markets by the end of 2016. Territories are disappearing fast. There’s not a week that goes by where we don’t get one or two phone calls from physicians in territories that are already taken, and we have to be the bearer of bad news. So the time is get started is right now. If you wait even a little while, chances are very good your territory will be taken, and when it’s gone – it’s gone for good. Physicians can go to for more information.