iPhone Accessories Turn Phones into Otoscopes

CellScope, a mobile microscope that came out of research at the University of Califiornia Berkley first came onto the medical scene in 2008. One of the technology's most impressive elements is that it can be utilized in a number of varying medical applications, ranging from dermatology through to oncology. It offers diagnostic capabilities to physicians in remote areas and can turn a standard iPhone into an otoscope. Enabled to execute the remote diagnosis of ear infections (an ailment that accounts for about 30 million annual doctor's visits in the United States alone) and other treatments. As of now, the CellScope is running pilot trials in preparation for a market launch of its iPhone-based otoscopes and dermascopes.

A recently issued press release by Georgia Tech describes its involvement with the company in developing a device called the Remotoscope. It's a clip-on attachment and app combination that can change an iPhone into a working otoscope, and implements the phone's camera and flash to render otoscopic images.

For a press release, click here. (http://medgadget.com/2012/09/iphone-otoscope-inching-closer-towards-commercialization.html)