Barco Beside Tablet Increases Clinician and Patient Efficiency

Barco is releasing the new JAO-ST-185B bedside clinical terminal that's crafted specifically with both clinicians and patients in mind. Patients can use the device's intuitive touch screen to see their doctor's schedule, alert nurses, control the room lights and to educate themselves about their condition and treatment options. There are also many video games installed that help keep them occupied.

Clinical staff can use the JAO ST-185B to access patients' electronic medical records, to take notes and send other messages to other nurses and doctors.

Product features according to Barco:

Form fits function
The new 18.5" bedside terminal comes with a number of unique features that improve usability and performance. It is thinner, lighter and has a sleek, cutting-edge design. The terminal is power-efficient, incorporating LED backlights. The unit can be tilted, rotated 170 degrees, and comes with a multi-touch integrated touch screen.

This unique combination enables medical staff to put the screen in the perfect typing position – facilitating charting and documentation – and allows patients to view the screen while lying down. The terminal also comes with a barcode scanner which can be used for medicine dispensing or to identify patients and medical equipment, which can help reduce medical errors.

High-performance computing
Equipped with a new motherboard designed with Intel® technology, Barco's new Smart Terminal supports high-performance computing and enables smooth switching between various clinical applications. The powerful processor and high-end graphics card also support innovative triple-play solutions (e.g. web, IPTV, VoIP).

Fit for hospital use
Barco's JAO ST-185B is built with anti-bacterial plastics and is fully sealed to avoid the spread of contaminants. Its smooth contoured design enables effortless cleaning and complete disinfection. It is waterproof, dustproof, and tested with hospital cleaning agents. Fan-less, quiet operation ensures maximum patient comfort.

A smarter generation
All legacy JAO Smart Terminals will be redesigned to match the new form factor and performance requirements.

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