iPhone Adapter Allows Lab Techs to Capture, Transfer Findings

Despite the technical innovations of full microscope laboratories, they still function without a simple way to capture images in the eyepieces. Lab techs face the daunting task of drawing what they see with their eyes, committing it to memory and applying it to other fields of work.

Enter Xianna and Isaac Penny, two designers from Palo Alto, CA, that have developed a sleek iphone case that easily snaps an iPhones camera in front of an eyepiece and can quickly capture images for further use later. In addition to microscopes, the case can be applied to telescopes, binoculars and other optical devices.

Called Magnifi, it universally attaches directly to a microscope eyepiece, and utilizes the iPhone's built in camera function to take high-resolution photos of everything the lab technician sees, and can be transferred off-site for further study.

An official press release, along with an informative video can be viewed at the company's kickstarter project page.